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The Houston Area Live Steamers is devoted to live steam modeling: from locomotives, to stationary engines, to tractors and boats, with a particular emphasis on model trains large enough to ride. Our members own engines and trains in 1", 1-1/2", 2-1/2" and 3" scales and our dual gauge track serves both 4-3/4" and 7-1/2" gauges. A Gauge One track has been in operation since April 26, 2003 and is one of he largest Gauge One tracks in the area.
The club, operational since 1992, completed its 1,550' Phase I loop of 7-1/2" gauge track on October 21, 1995. The 2,500' Phase II extension was completed October 2, 1999, and provides an outer loop run for Public Runs of 3,500' and a bi-directional "operations" run length of 4,500' as seen on the track plan. An additional part of Phase II is the 4-3/4" dual gauge portion of the Phase I loop. Here is an aerial view taken on Oct. 2, 1999. Phase III was completed in April of 2004 and it added another 1200 feet to the mainline which brings the total mainline loop to 4700 feet.

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