Houston Area Live Steamers depends on your generosity.

The Houston Area Live Steamers, (Hals) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and many donations are tax deductible. Your generosity helps members operate and maintain the many facilities on the Cypress Creek & Southern Railroad here at Zube Park, including but not limited to track maintenance, locomotive and passenger car acquisition and maintenance, maintenance of bridges, building new track and bridges, and landscaping.

We are privileged to be in partnership with Harris County Precinct 4 to provide the public the opportunity to enjoy trains as much as our membership does. The majority of the track, signals, engines and cars were funded by either club membership fees or donations from the public. We have had donations in the past from members and the public and they were greatly appreciated.

As an individual, you can donate in several ways:

  • Become a member and join us in a project and lend a hand.
  • Make a monetary donation to a specific project.
  • Make a general donation of funds. (Our maintenance costs for one year of operation approach $20,000.00).
  • Donate needed supplies (ballast, plants, boulders, brick pavers, fence wire and posts to protect the plantings, etc.)


You can send monetary donations to:
Houston Area Live Steamers
P.O. Box 215
Hockley, Texas 77447-0215

Or, you can come by on a run day and leave your donation with one of the members or in a donation jar at the station. You can also leave a comment in the "contact us" page.

Thank You for your support.

All donations are tax deductible.

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