February 19,20, 2000
GATS 2000

Houston Area Live Steamers participates in the Great American Train Show twice a year. At this year's February GATS at the George R. Brown Convention Center, we had our usual 170' track where we hauled passengers with a battery-powered SD-40, which has been newly upgraded by Stu Marion. Our wheel-chair equipped riding car allows some passengers with special needs to also enjoy the ride. Note our genuine conductor, Pia Arrate. This year the big hit was a 12-inch Ottaway American owned by Dave Herlinger. The children really enjoyed climbing in the cab of this honey. In addition to the Ottoway, engines on display were Stu Marion's Shay, Bobby Bridges' Industrial Switcher, Tom Herbert's steam-powered boat and stationary engine display, Ron Pasley's Mogul U/C and Cody Crawford's drawings and castings for his JNR C-57.