May 13, 2000

May 13th was the final session with the Project S.T.E.A.M. students from Waller High Schools. A pizza lunch was provided and all the participants enjoyed the time spent together. Below are some memorable photos of our sessions together.
Modeltec Magazine HALS IN THE NEWS. . .
In an editorial in the August 1999 issue of Modeltec magazine concerned with public school children being educated to become the next generation of machinists and hobbyists, special mention was made of HALS' recently acquired S.T.E.A.M. HUD Community Development Grant:
"New ground, however, is being cut by the Houston Area Live Steamers, who recently received a $24,000.00 Federal grant, the first ever awarded a live steam club, which will put the group in partnership with a local high school to help with the practical education of 50 vocational students. The program begins in January, 2000, and will cover the spring and fall semesters. Funding will be provided to enable the students to buy raw materials for machine shop projects, and to spend time with HALS mentors at the club track site, teaching valuable life and work skills. The club will, of course, earn a positive bonus in terms of community relations, but--and I guarantee you this--the members will earn an unforgettable experience in terms of working with some fine and intelligent youth. No, maybe they won't all become hobbyists right away, but then, who knows what a life of hands-on will bring.

Our commendations to the officers and members of HALS for this insightful program!"

Reprinted with permission from Modeltec Magazine, August, 1999, George R. Broad, Editor.