August-September 2000
HALS in Action

Labor Day and August Run Day

Despite the heat, quite a few members showed for the impromptu Holiday Run (no work, just play...a gimme day). Oh, the heat was horrific, but the bottles of water or gatoraid and the visit of the neighborhood "ice cream man" saved all. Those present enjoyed seeing the new cars that Bobby Bridges has quickly and soundly built.
Al Beggs - Taking no holiday from his morning work of building switches.
Bobby Bridges and Dennis Grigassy - Discussing the construct of a new car.
Doug Blodgett, Dennis Grigassy and Andy Blodgett finish off their picnic lunch.
Lee Balkum and five other beefy guys stand on one side of a car, demonstrating it's stability.
And Bobby Bridges proudly standing beside his handiwork with his son Raymond.
The ice cream man was an oasis in the desert.

Master at Work

We are so fortunate to have good craftsmen in our club and Bobby Bridges is just one of these. Take a look at the great photos as he welds the new riding cars together. Thanks to Dennis Grigassy for the photos.
Bobby Bridges
Bobby Bridges
Bobby Bridges

August 19, 2000, Run Day

Our August Run Day was a fun and enjoyable time for all participants. Train passengers waited in line to ride the rails and most rode several times each. We were glad to welcome members of the Gulf Coast Chapter of National Railway Historical Society and their families to our run day and look forward to seeing them again next year.
Station Master Tom Herbert gives the first group of passengers the safety rules on riding the Zube Zephyr.
Test running a new locomotive, Carroll Enders steams out with a fresh load of passengers.
The next crew waits for their shift as posted on the "Board."
Brent Courtney answers questions about the railroad and its layout.
A big smile from one of the happiest riders of the evening (and his daddy, too).
Getting the all-clear signal from the conductor Ginny Phillips, the passengers begin to disembark the train.
The smiles on the faces of these computer and train enthusiasts says all you need to know about taking the night run.
Station Master Tom Herbert clears the train to leave the station.
Engineer Al Beggs departs the station for the final "Starlight Special" of the evening.