May 19, 2001
May Run Day

Beginning the day
HALS members Robert Shong, Walt Sumner, Barry Tobias and Lee Balkum are ready to begin the run day.
Passenger purchases a ticket. Cost of the fare? A big smile.
Passengers on the Platform
Passengers wait on the platform for the next available train.
Station Master
Station Master Brent Courtney briefs the passengers on safe riding rules.
Vance Nickerson and David Hannah III
Engineer Vance Nickerson is ready to depart station as David Hannah III looks on.
A trainload of passengers are ready for their first ride.
Ron Pasley
Engineer Ron Pasley receives the all clear to depart the station.
David Hannah III on the Mike
David Hannah III engineers a coal-fired Mikado.
A trainload of passengers depart the train as conductor Pia Arrate escorts them to the exit.
David and Tom
David Hannah III and Tom Herbert are deep in conversation; subject: trains, of course.
Private Groups
More Private Groups
More and more private groups and families are enjoying our run days.