May 18, 2002
Run Day

Cool temperatures did not keep the die-hard fans away nor the first-timers. A large club of bicyclers had their annual picnic at the park along with various birthday parties and "dinner-on-the-grounders."
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Passengers waiting on the platform receive instructions from Stationmaster, Keith Bailey
Engineer George Leventon enters the Cypress Creek Station, Gene Cover, Conductor.
Greg Weldy, Engineer, Pia Arrate, Conductor, John Whitney, Stationmaster, as train leaves the station.
Keith Bailey and Dennis Grigassy, Sr. pose for the camera.
Four (or is that five???) happy little boys waiting to leave the station.
All Aboard! The train leaves the station.
Conductor, Lee Balkum sounds the "all clear" for passengers to depart the train. Keith Bailey, Engineer.
Passengers look forward to the trip as the conductor contacts the Tower for clearance.
A Mama Kildeer has laid her eggs in the center of the track, well below grade.
A Two-week-old boy takes his first train ride.

May 4 Workday

Pouring footings for bridge abutment for beginning of Phase 3 at Cedar Bend.
Many hands make lighter work: Keith Bailey, Doug Blodgett, Gary Brothers, Don Foster, Dennis Grigassy, Michael Hales, Bill Howe, David James, Art Magill, Gary McCoy, Ron Pasley, Ed Rains, Eric Selber, Ken Smith, Barry Tobias.