June 15, 2002
Run Day

Below are photos from the June 2002 Public Run Day.
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<--- At Cypress Creek Junction, Vance Nickerson blows down David Hannah's Mikado No. 1209. Conductor is Bob Hornsby.
Happy riders on the CC&S.
The Cypress Creek Station
Bob Hornsby, Vance Nickerson and a steamed-up 1209.
Greg Weldy engineer of the 3119, Pia Arrate conductor.
David Hannah engineer on his BNSF SD-60M.
Doug Payne engineer and Gail Phillips conductor on No. 6321.
A crew change and Ron Pasley is engineer.
A shot from Jackson Tower of Cypress Creek Station where several trains can be loaded and unloaded at the same time.
Doug Blodgett brings the Mikado onto the unloading track.
Freight trains run throughout the day. Here Peter Bryan passes Cabin Creek Station.
George Leventon, the engineer, is in radio contact with the tower.
Many passengers are able to take many trips around the railroad. Gail Phillips is conductor.
Ken Smith, engineer on the 9944.