June, 2002
Work Days

Constructing and Pouring Concrete Crossovers

From time to time, County trucks must cross our tracks and because of the weight, we need to build very strong crossovers to protect our tracks.
The existing track is ripped up and the dirt is moved to build the form.
Gil Freitag wields a mighty ax and Ed Rains operates the tractor.
County employees pour the concrete into our forms.
The track is relayed onto the new crossover.
A second crossover is constructed in Phase 3.
Now whatayado with leftover concrete? Gil Freitag puts it to use at the transfer table.
Virginia Freitag brushes the surface.
The finished surface. Looks good.

Acquiring a Large Donation of Brick

Thanks to the Leventons, HALS was able to get a large quantity of brick pavers. Pia Arrate and Barry Tobias load up the brick into our pickup trucks.

Laying a Brick Platform for Sweetwater Station

A Slide Show on building a brick platform for the new Sweetwater Station. Gil and Virginia Freitag built the Station and are seen here using the new brick to construct a foundation. It looks so very good.
Completed and watered down, David Hannah drives his BNSF 9944 past the station. Other helpers include Bobby Bridges, Gary Brothers, Bill Howe, Mary Lou Pasley, and Ed Rains

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Continuing Construction on Phase 3

Doug Blodgett building up the roadbed. Keith Bailey rests.
The forms were delivered by Gil Freitag to construct the bulkhead for the new bridge,
Bridge bents, formerly used on the Browning Railroad, are to be used in the construction of the new bridge.

June 29 Family Fun Run

Weather threatened but the dyed-in-the-wool showed up anyway. Cars for operations were set out by Ed Rains and crew and the games commenced. A class was held by Art Magill for members on running the club electric diesel. Forms constructed at Cedar Bend for bridge abutment going into Phase 3 and box form to be used for construction of double crossovers. A heavy noontime rain brought most running to an end.