October 5, 2002
Work Day

Rarely is there only one project going on at Zube on a given work day. On Oct. 5, the beginnings of a big, new bridge involved many people pitching in as needed. Also the beginning of Phase IV with roadbed for mainline sidings and an industry commenced and out-of-state live steamers were welcomed.
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Ed Rains building the roadbed for the beginning of Phase IV, a siding at the north end of Phase III.
Using box blade
Gil Freitag, Chief Engineer, constructs forms for the bridge footings.
Pouring the first footing
Beefy boys move the generator
Gil inspects the work
From east bank to the west bank
Beefy boys hoist the mixer
More Beef moves the mixer
Everyone takes a break
Gil Freitag rests
Dennis Cranston rests
Adding water and concrete
Adding gravel and sand
Pouring the concrete
Leveling begins
Ed Rains & Doug Blodgett survey the drainage of new siding.
Survey level of roadbed.
Live Steamers Dick Parker & Dan Spinner, Chicago, and Mitch Hardy, Florida, visit with Carolyn & Lee Balkum.
Jim Cash gives visitors a ride
Clean up crew poses above the finished concrete work.
New members Miles and Katherine Wojcik clown for the camera.