December 1999
Hals in Action

Winter, 2000

The Shakedown Cruise of Stu Marion's conversion of the club's dummy to a 24-volt, powered engine was a remarkable success. Hoorah! It runs! Hey, Barry Tobias, your patience paid off.
Bill Laird's first-born, a beautiful speeder. Look at Gail Phillips' Dash 9. Boy, are the rest of us envious!

December, 1999

Bobby always wanted a Christmas train
HALS Rookie of the Year, Bobby Bridges' dream of a Christmas train in his front yard is realized.
Bobby and Ramon Bridges Bobby and Ramon Bridges are proud of their handiwork.
Gary Brothers new engineer's car
Gary Brothers' diesel and his new engineer's car., striped to match the engine.
Gary Brothers' Shell tank car A finely crafted Shell tank car by Gary Brothers
Preparing the passenger cars for VIP's
On a brisk day December 18, 1999, members gather for a fun run.
December 18, 1999 BNSF diesel belonging to David Hannah III carries passengers past the station.
David Hannah III
David Hannah III stands beside his beautiful BNSF SD60M Diesel.
Outside of Station December 3, 1999 Photo from the outside of the Station. Next will be to spiffy up the outside.
Inside New Station
Panorama from inside the new Station
New men's restroom
Yippee!! No more porta-potties!!!. A glimpse inside the men's restroom.....
New women's facilities And a quick peek inside the women's restroom.
Ron Pasley, Lee Balkum and Al Beggs
Awards presented at the 1999 Annual Christmas Party. Ron Pasley, Chairman of the Awards Committee, announces the "Marshall Black Award" goes to Al Beggs who was not present. Al has singlehandedly built more than 500 track panels for phase two. Bobby Bridges (photo unavailable) received the "Rookie of the Year Award."
Lee Balkum and David Hannah III Lee Balkum, President, presents the "Directors' Award" to David Hannah III for his most generous contributions to the club and his endless dedication to promoting the hobby in Harris County.

Run Day, November 20, 1999

Maury Engineer
Maury Gibson is Engineer and Ginny Phillips is Conductor.
Gary Engineer Gary Brothers is Engineer and Doug Payne is Conductor.
Bobby Bridges Engineer
Bobby Bridges is Engineer and Jim Cash is Conductor.
Dwight Rogers Engineer Dwight Rogers is Engineer and Jim Cash is Conductor.
Just Stare at It
Maybe if we stare at it, it will go.