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Gauge 1

April 26, 2003 Gauge 1 Track Finishes the Loop
Pictures taken of the finished inner loop of the G1 track. The steam locos belong to Jim Crabb, and the freight cars belong to Jim Cash. The little 0-4-0 is called Sammie, and the larger green loco is a Prairie 2-6-2. Both are fired on butane.

October 12, 2002 Gauge 1 Track Construction Begins
HALS has had plans on the "drawing board" for a Gauge 1 Track for some time and construction officially began today. Spear-headed by Tom Herbert, materials were purchased by members who are interested in Gauge 1 Railroading.
The Gauge 1 track is located adjacent to the gazebo, near the turntable and the steaming bays for the 7-1/2" gauge trains. It is a "dogbone" shape, which will be 40 feet wide and 145 feet long! Average height is 42".
Gauge 1 Railroading is scaled at 1:32 (or 1:30) with distance between rails of 45mm (1-3/4 inches).
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Drilling Postholes, Jim Cash, Dave McCarty, Tom Herbert, Doug Blodgett

Dave McCarty, Jim Cash, Tom Herbert, Doug Blodgett

Nailing Stringers Jim Cash, Dave McCarty

Trying to get the "roadbed" level.

Jim Cash, Tom Herbert

Seeing what it will look like.

Posing for the camera, Dennis Cranston, Dave McCarty, Doug Blodgett, Tom Herbert, Jim Cash

Mary Lou Pasley stands next to the new decking.

Decking on the other side.