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Projects under Construction-Part 2

Mogul (progress since Sept.) - Brent Courtney (December 2001)

Christmas Gift to Carolyn Balkum built by brother Carroll Enders (December 2001)

2-1/2" 2-4-0 Porter, boring one of the cylinders - Bill Laird (December 2001)

Mogul - Brent Courtney (September 2001)

Finished Caboose - Fred Rorex (Aug 2001)

(Jul 2001)
Fred Rorex Atlantic under steam.

John Daskalos' Switcher (Jul 2001)

(Jul 2001)

Fred Rorex Atlantic (Apr 2001)

Fred Rorex Mountain Car Caboose Kit (May 2001)

Bobby Bridges (Mar. 2000)

Ron Pasley's Mogul (Apr. 2001)

John Daskalos is building a Whitcomb
Armored 0-4-0 Switcher. (Oct. 2000)

A 6-wheel diesel being built by Gary
Brothers and Bobby Bridges. (Oct. 2000)

The disk flywheel for Tom Herbert's twin cylinder marine steam engine being turned in the lathe. The flywheel's finished diameter is 4.5", and it will weigh about 8 pounds. Note all the brass chips on the lathe. The starting weight of the brass piece was 25 pounds.


Doug Blodgett's 1 1/2" Scale 4 3/4" gauge two-truck Shay parts. Truck parts, wheels and axles, loco frame, and truss rods are among the fine parts made by Doug so far. Click to enlarge.


More images to come as we get them in.