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Southwestern Live Steamers/HALS Meet
Memorial Day Weekend, 2007

Photos by Ed Hume:

Caleb Roberts' Daylight on Gauge 1.

Phillip Bell and his Pacific on the turntable.

Kattchan Tanabe's Gauge 1 Hudson powered by 1-1/2" flatcar.

Detailed work on Bill Laird's 2-1/2" scale 2-4-0.

Paul King skillfully oils his steamer while firing up.
Photos by David Hannah, III Photos by Doug Blodgett

John Oglesby on Carroll Enders' DD40 at Sweetwater.

Kattchan Tanabe and Bill Laird decide who has the right of way.

Stephen Balkum and Al Balkum fire up their Consolidation.

Kattchan Tanabe on his 1" Mogul.

1" Rocket engineered by Kattchan come off the turntable lead.
Photo by Kattchan Tanabe Photo by Ashley Balkum Remaining photos by Carolyn Balkum

Birth in the 1" track. Being ground birds, they're out of the nest in one day.

The Kildeer babies ducked their heads as the engines passed over them.

Jim and Deane Anderson.

Rick White and his grandsons.

Bill Laird and passenger David Hannah, III.

Richard Day on the Marquette Union Terminal SW 1500.

Tiny Patti Benda outfitted to blow leaves from the track.

Ashley Balkum engineer on Virginia Freitag's disel.

Raymond Bridges on his switcher.

Occasionally Nick Hitzfelder allows his father James to run the engine.

Carroll Enders runs this 1" diesel that was built by John Enders in 1965.

Richard Finlayson and children on 1" 0-4-0.

Ed Mcamey proudly premieres his beautiful COSLAR road diesel.

Pete and Penny Guy on their newly delivered ATSF 704 switcher.

Gil and Virginia Freitag clocking miles on their road diesel.

Gary McCoy poses with his new mogul.

Kattchan Tanabe on his 1" C-21 passes his 1" Rocket.

Terry and Vickie Waggenspack take a ride on the CC&S with their boxcab.

Bobby Bridges operating the CC&S Coop Ten-wheeler.

Ken and Carol Rhodes (center) and Cole Power Models proved to be a very popular spot during the meet.

Ashley Balkum gets lessons on operating Steamer No. 591

Wally Trauten readies the speeder for a trip around the CC&S.

James Hitzfelder enjoys the day on his speeder.

Jason Outlaw and Kevin pull into the station on their impressive Santa Fe Diesel

Jack Haskins pulls through the station at the controls of his boxcab.

More to come!!!!