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Transfer Table

The club has built a hydraulic transfer table for loading and unloading equipment from members and guests vehicles. This eliminates the heavy lifting involved in bringing rolling stock and locomotives to the track for run days.
Click on the picture for an enlarged view.
As seen in the image, the transfer table rolls across the road to line up with the transport tracks in the vehicle. The rail frame can pivot slightly from side to side, and is lifted and lowered by a hydraulic cylinder under the table. It is electrically controlled in all axes--back and forth across the road, as well as up and down. Shown in the picture, from left to right are members Dennis Grigassy, Barry Tobias, David Hannah III, Vance Nickerson and Tom Moore. The equipment belongs to David Hannah.


Here, the table is lifted to waist height prior to being aligned with the track that leads to the turntable/steaming bay area off to the right. There it will be fired in preparation for a run. In the image are David Hannah III and Tom Moore. Tom has done a large part of the design and construction of the transfer table, along with Claude Wiseman (not pictured).

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