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This page is dedicated to providing the best videos available of Meets from all over the country.

Here is a FUN video showing all the HALS activities, including Public Run Day.

2. HALS 25th Anniversary part 1 Friday

3. HALS 25th Anniversary part 2 Saturday

4. HALS 2015 Working on the railroad. Houston Area Live Steamers, a slideshow of pictures showing some of the work it takes to keep the railroad running.

5. HALS 2015 HALS & SWLS Memorial DAY Meet. Houston Area Live Steamers and Southwest Live Steamers held their annual Memorial Day meet at Zube Park in Hockley, Tx. I placed a game camera on the track set on video and collected 200 video clips of the trains coming and going. This is a small set of the videos.

6. HALS 2015 24th Anniversary Meet Parade

Southwest Live Steamers Tracks

1. Windy Ridge Railroad

2. The AS&NT RR

3. C&IG 2016 Spring Operations Meet

If you have a video that you would like to submit for consideration, please email us at videos@hals.org with a description, name of video and location on YouTube.

Videos should meet the following guidelines:

  • Present a positive impression of HALS and our Hobby.
  • Should focus on the group, not solely on one person.
  • We prefer just one video of each event. Multiple versions of an event will be considered.
  • How to videos will be considered for a separate page on the web site.

If you would like to ride the trains, Signup for our Public Run Day Reminder E-Mail

We will send you an e-mail prior to each schedued Run Day along with News and updates about activities at the track.

We will not share your email with anyone.

All ages are welcome to ride. We have three club diesel engines that normally run the passenger trains, as well as private engines belonging to club members, but many times you will find a steam engine also running. We have specially designed cars for the young and the young at heart who enjoy hearing the clickety-clack of the rails. A newly designed car for standard-width wheelchairs is available for those needing special assistance.

At the Cypress Creek & Southern Railroad, we have a tower, Jackson Tower, where the dispatcher works by radio to keep the trains running smoothly and on time. Our new station is equipped with bathrooms and the loading platform provides for easy boarding.

A large gazebo provides weather protection for birthday parties and other group gatherings who use it during the run day. It is on a first-come first-serve basis and cannot be reserved. It's been known to accommodate 3 birthday parties at the same time. We share Zube Park, a Harris County Park, with soccer fields to the south of the Creek. Limited picnic facilities are available.

For our steam engines, we have a large turntable and steaming bay area. For loading and unloading of equipment, we provide an expertly designed transfer table. These facilities were designed and built by members of our club, a truly talented group.

But our original building, the M.O.W. (the Maintenance of Way Shed), is where the work has been done, the constructing of the track panels and switches, over 6,000 feet of mainline so far. There's more to come....
The FREE train rides that we provide each month
are our way of sharing our love of the hobby with the community.