April 15, 2000
Golden Spike Ceremony and Run Day

Golden Spike Ceremony April 15, 2000
On April 15, 2000, the Houston Area Live Steamers dedicated it's second phase with the Golden Spike Ceremony. Commissioner Steve Radack of Harris County Precinct 3 was the honored guest. New facilities in Phase II include a Passenger Station, loading platform, restrooms, car barn, parking lot, Backshop and of course 4000 additional feet of track.
David Hannah III introduces Commissioner Steve Radack. L-R Ray Miller, Steve Radack, Jim Jackson, and David.
Commissioner Steve Radack thanks HALS for its hard work for the children of the county and the railroad hobby.
President Lee Balkum invites Steve Radack to drive the Golden Spike denoting the completion of the railroad.
The Commissioner drives in the Golden Spike.
One of the Project S.T.E.A.M. students puts the finishing touch on the joint and a special plaque is installed.
Lee Balkum thanks David Hannah for his contributions to the club and the hobby. L-R are Lee Balkum, Jim Jackson, David Hannah, John Enders, Steve Radack and Bradley Nelson
Waller High School Project S.T.E.A.M. students and instructors and Houston Area Live Steamers President Lee Balkum (far right) give a big send-off to Harris County Precinct 3 Commissioner Steve Radack as he prepares to engineer the first official trip around the newly extended HALS miniature train track at Zube Park
Commissioner Radack receives his operating instructions from Vance Nickerson.
The Commissioner opens the throttle on a coal-fired 2-8-2 Mikado, leading the parade of trains. Vance Nickerson and Jim Jackson ride along.
Following the Golden Spike Ceremony, Commissioner Steve Radack of Harris County Precinct 3 led the Parade of Trains (shown crossing the Dinky Creek Bridge).
Steve Radack
Jason Lockhart
Bradley Nelson
Bill Laird
Rick and Ricky White
Gail Phillips
David Hannah III
Bobby Bridges
Cody Crawford
Greg Weldy
The Parade of Trains continues along with additional pictures of the Run Day.
Stu Marion
Brent Courtney
Gil Freitag
Ron Pasley
Waller High School students testing the rails. Brent Courtney is the engineer, the Freitags on the 2nd engine.
A view of the passenger loading area from the Fort Zube Tower.
David Hannah III operating his SD60M.
Don Foster's History of Steam Engines Display - A unique series of working models that depict the entire development of live steam.
Ron Beberniss's Incredible Collection of Steam Whistles
President of HALS, Lee Balkum poses with instructors and students of Waller High School Project S.T.E.A.M.
Left to Right Lee Balkum, Steve Radack, Ray Miller, Stu Marion, Constable J. D. Martin and Laura Lyle
Cutting back activity to begin the Golden Spike Ceremony
Dwight Rogers pulls a full passenger train.
Cody Crawford pulls a freight train during the day in the opposite direction of the passenger trains creating meets at sidings.
Jason Lockhart patiently waits to begin the Parade of Trains.
Old-time Railroaders John Enders and Jim "Tweety" Tolson greet each other, center is Barry Tobias.
In the distance the framing of the Backshop to house antique machinery.
Steaming early in the morning to ready for the first passengers.
Stu Marion, Robert Johnson, Doug Payne
Two young passengers patiently waiting with a smile on their faces.
Stu Marion seeking clearance from the tower to leave the station.
Long shot of the parade of trains.