When is the next run day?
We have public run days on the 3rd Saturday of the month, March through November. Please check our schedule here for the times.

How much are the tickets to ride the train?
We do not charge to ride the trains.

How many times can I ride?
You may ride as many times as you care to. Please get a new ticket each time you ride.

Can we have my child's birthday party at Zube Park during a public run day?
Many parties are going on at the park during run day. There is a gazebo, several picnic tables and grills on a first-come, first-served basis. Some people, anticipating that they will not get those spaces, plan on setting up an area for their party, bringing canopies, tables, chairs, cakes, coolers, balloons, etc. And as always, everyone can ride as often as they wish as long as the children are accompanied by an adult. We ask that you plan to conclude your party at or before the time of the closing of the scheduled run day so that the volunteers can lock up on time.

Can I reserve the gazebo for my party?
No, the gazebo is available to the public on a first-come, first-served basis during public run days. We ask that you plan to conclude your party at or before the time of the closing of the scheduled run day so that the volunteers can lock up on time.

Can we have my child's birthday party on another day besides the run day?
You are welcome to have your birthday parties during our regularly scheduled run days. We do not allow parties at any other time.

Can we schedule a special run day for my group other than on a scheduled public run day?
We are an all-volunteer organization and most of us have full-time jobs. We do not have the available manpower to host run days at other times.

Can we get a tour of your shops?
If we have available members who can conduct a tour for your group, we are happy to give you a guided tour of our facilities. Check with someone at the welcome table when you arrive to see if one can be scheduled during the run day.

Can we drop by on a weekend other than public run day and get a ride on the trains?
Maintaining a railroad, even a small-scale one, requires a lot of work on our part. We are a volunteer organization so most of the time when we are at the track, we are busy working and do not have the personnel available to provide rides for visitors. We do invite you to attend our regularly scheduled run days.

What provisions do you have for the handicapped?
Our restrooms are handicapped equipped and we do have a specially designed car to accommodate a standard-width wheelchair. We will do our best to provide a ride for you during our run day.

What items do you have for sale during a public run day?
We offer cold bottled water and soft drinks for $1.00. HALS also maintains an exciting array of t-shirt designs with club engines on them. In addition to the t-shirts, we have the ever-popular engineer caps for sale.

Do you have a phone number?
No, Please use our website inquiry form for communications.

What if it rains?
We do not operate in the rain. We will halt all operations and then resume when the conditions are good. In the event that we have had a long, protracted period of rain such that we cannot operate in a safe manner, we will cancel the run day.

How long does the ride take?
From loading to unloading, the ride is just under 15 minutes.

Are there times that are less crowded?
When we run in the afternoons (check the schedule, there are usually fewer passengers waiting.

Do the trains stop running during the lunch hour?
No, we run through lunch, choosing to stagger our lunch breaks.

Are there any age restrictions for riders?
No, but we do ask that young children be accompanied by a responsible adult on all trains.

I have a question not answered here. How can I get in touch with you?
Please use our website inquiry form if you need additional information.