May 26, 2001
Memorial Day Meet

HALS was host to Southwestern Live Steamers, and all had a wonderful time.
Tweetie Tolson
Tweetie comes off the turntable under full steam.
Doug and Andy
Doug and Andy Blodgett steam past the station on the club locomotive.
Steaming Bay Area
Steam Locomotives are stored and fired on steaming bays.
Meeting New Friends
Relaxing in the beautiful weather, meeting new friends.
Annetta Valley Western
Michael McGrath is engineer on the beautiful Annetta Valley Western Locomotives.
Tom Stamey
Tom Stamey runs Jack Luck's Mogul.
Lots of visiting going on with trains in the station.
Vickie Waggenspack(left) making a sale of the new HALS t-shirts to Greg and Judy Lewis.
Robert Chambers
Robert Chambers in the station leaves good conversation.
David and Tom
Trains in the station.
Auctions t-shirt
Stu Marion (left) purchases a t-shirt and then auctions it off to anyone in the station who guesses closest to his "number." Winner: Chuck Ellis.
Roller Coaster
Ashley(4) cranks the roller coaster to the top of the incline. The scale model roller coaster was built by hand by Michael Taylor and is always a winner with the younger crowd.