July 21,2001
July Run Day and Work Days

The first Run Day on July 21, 2001, after the publication of a feature article in the Texas Magazine, produced record crowds.
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• The temperature was HOT, the lines were long, but eager riders waited and rode. We look forward to having them return next month.

• A landscape shot showing the large line waiting for the ride.
• The 1209 loaded up for a trip to the shops.
• A front view.
• A HALS member always has his trusty radio for instant communication on the CC&S.
• A diesel is readied to be pressed into service.
• Another view of the line past the yard, engine barn and station.

• In the station, one train will quickly be loaded and a second is ready to unload.
• The BNSF had a minor tuning and will now haul one of three passenger trains.
• Brian Campopiano engineers David Hannah's Mikado.

• The snail's eyeview coming off the turntable lead, 7-1/2 and 4-3/4 gauge.
• The view from the end of the line at the record run day turnout.
• HALS was presented with an engine house that had belonged to Jim Jackson. It was stoutly built and required many muscles to get it across multiple tracks and ditches. Together with Keith Bailey's winch (he was anxious to use it for something), Barry Tobias' trailer, our new Gator, and 11 burly guys, the engine house came to rest in its permanent home on the CC&S. Hospitalized and critically ill, Jim was able to see photos of the "moving day" and was very happy. We lost Jim just 1-1/2 weeks later. You will be missed, Jim, but your railroad will live on at HALS.
Jim Jackson
Founder, Friend
Jim Jackson

Additional photos of this Meet were taken by Mary Lou Pasley and may be viewed HERE.