September 29, 2001
Run Day

HALS hosted some Cub Scouts and some out-of-state friends.

Tweetie Tolson
Vance Nickerson hauls a long train of passengers with the BNSF.
Doug and Andy
Ron Pasley, engineer and Pia Arrate, conductor.
Steaming Bay Area
A shot across at the tower and station.
Meeting New Friends
Gil Freitag on Gilbert's engine.
Annetta Valley Western
Mary Rains and husband Ed take their new switcher on her maiden run.
Tom Stamey
Ron Pasley with a trainload of passengers.
Bill Severns moves his 10-wheeler onto the turntable.
Paul Chenoweth on his smart-looking train.
Robert Chambers
Paul checks the gauges on his control panel.
David and Tom
Paul's instrument panel with a tv screen.