July 20, 2002
July Run Day

Below are photos from the July 2002 Public Run Day.
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Robert Heineman and Doug Blodgett fire up Robert's engine, a 1" scale Pacific, for it's first run.
Fred Rorex and Vance Nickerson on the steaming bays during steam-up.
Jim Cash pulls the throttle on David Hannah's Mikado.
Robert Heineman on his Pacific's first trip.
Fred Rorex and Vance Nickerson double-heading.
Peter Bryan engineer of the 5321 with a trainload of passengers, Bill Laird standing.
Ken Smith on his Diesel at Sweetwater with his passenger train.
Robert Lange, a member of Kansas City Live Steamers, on his UP SW1500.
Vance Nickerson engineer of the 1209, loads his train at the Cypress Creek Station
Passengers are unloaded from the train engineered by Bill Laird.
Bob Hornsby, engineer, departs the station.
Aerial shot of the Station tracks as seen from the tower.
Fred Rorex and Bob Hornsby double-heading.
David Hannah, III and Cooper Cash at the throttle of the BNSF.