August 17, 2002
Run Day

Photos from the August 2002 Public Run Day. Hot and humid but a wonderful breeze blew all day. Had some light showers late in the morning (trains and passengers never stopped!) and thunder and lightning (but no rain) later in the day shut down operations for almost an hour, but all had a great time. Please click on picture to enlarge.

First load of passengers are waiting on the platform for the first train to pull in.
The yard crew, Alex Beams and Ed Rains; all is in order.
First trainload is ready to depart the station with Greg Weldy as engineer.
Stationmaster Barry Tobias gives final clearance.
Pia Arrate gives a ticket to the next passenger.
New HALS train thanks to former charter member, Vernon Groeschel.
Trainload of passengers is ready to leave the station.
Everyone is ALL SMILES!
Engineer Eric Selber also gives one of those happy smiles.
Assistant Stationmaster, Virginia Freitag, keeps a close eye on passengers.
Doug Payne, Lee Balkum, and Art Magill break for lunch.
Conductor Peter Bryan off for lunch. Engineer Robert Shong looks for his relief.
John Daskalos takes a shift as Ticket Agent.
Conductor Dave James, Engineer Ron Pasley as passengers begin to unload.
Doug Gillory breaks in his Mogul's new drivers.
Train Crew, Ron Pasley and Dave James, bring train into Caliente.
A most unusual passenger, this bird rode the entire trip on the shoulder of his owner.
Art Magill, Barry Tobias, and Doug Blodgett rest at the end of the day.
Laying track panels at the new grade crossing in Phase 3 North.
Phase 3, New bridge at Sumrall.