November 16, 2002
November Run Day

The last Run Day of 2002 was held on November 16th. The weather was sunny and cool, the crowd was large and steady. Many engines of our club members took turns pulling the passenger trains during the day.
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Ken Smith and his CC&S diesel.

Ken Smith pulls the first trainload of passengers.

Doug Payne engineer on BNSF #9944

Doug Payne engineer and Bill Laird conductor.

Cody Crawford and his new Japanese Locomotive, 4-6-2. Under construction and Really BIG

Ron Pasley giving a cub scout group a tour of the steaming bay, and Mary Lou taking Video pictures

Bill Laird passing Sweetwater Station with a load of new riders, on BNSF #9944. Nick Edwards on the side, checking out the load.

Start of the Memorial Parade for Lee Balkum at noon, Doug Blodgett on the club steamer. Gary Brothers in the background.

Mauri Cash on the club electric, at the start of the parade.

Vance Nickerson and nephew, on the PeterBilt, in the Parade.

Bill Laird starts another run of the BNSF #9944 with new riders, following the lead of the parade of engines.

Virginia Frietag running her Santa Fe diesel to pull the club riding cars with a load of new riders.

Bill Laird pulls up to pick up another load of new riders, Nick Edwards, conductor.

Bill Laird and Nick Edwards as Double conductors.

Vance Nickerson with his PeterBilt pulling the last train at a 2002 Run Day.