KHOU Channel 11
Live Shoot March 4, 2005

A very foggy, chilly morning, the HALS members began to arrive at 5:00 a.m. to prepare their steamers and trains
for some special live segments on the Channel 11 KHOU Morning News Program with Johnathan Walton.
1. Their remote news truck, 2. Nick Edwards with his 4-4-0 American Class Disney Favorite, 3. Jonathan Walton and Larry Mullins live at 6:15 a.m., 4. L-R Mark Hajek's 2-4-0, Dick Melcher's Pacific and Vance Nickerson's 2-6-0, 5. Doug Blodgett firing his Shay
1. Vance Nickerson lubricating his new locomotive, 2. Johnathan, 3. Vance blows off some steam, 4. Dick Melcher puts his Pacific on the turntable, 5. The sun begins to come up.
1. Johnathan goes live, 2. Johnathan takes the throttle of the Pacific, 3. Debbie Hajek and their new puppy Chama look on as Mark comes out on the lead, 4. A rare treat of Doug Blodgett on his Shay on the 4-3/4" gauge track, 5. A beautiful shot of the truck and the antenna.