August 19, 2006
Public Run Day

The Houston Area Live Steamers had a public run day on August 19th, 2006. The club and members equipment that had been at the George Bush Museum at Texas A&M was back and some were on display and the museum provided a 12" scale signal to HALS in appreciation.
Mary Rains is the engineer on the third train of the day at 9:01 AM. Gil Freitag (Operations VP) had the run day start early because of thunder and the crowd, besides, we were ready.
Gil and Virginia Freitag's daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren were enjoying the day on the third train of the day at 9:01.
Ed Rains filming Mary Rains on Katy 1014 to document this event.
Doug Payne and Ken Smith at the switch that derailed the club loco at 9:20. On three consecutive rounds the work crew was present.
Track work at 9:34 with Ed Rains "supervising" and James Clarke observing.
Gary Brothers (at left) and Ed Rains (yellow shirt) "supervising" the track work by Ken Smith (in blue) and James Clarke (overalls) at 9:48. So we were passing this site once every 14 minutes.
Virginia Freitag requested this photo and Ed Rains lent his loco and the photo was taken.
Ed Rains on his Cotton Belt loco at 10:16.
Bill Howe is relaxing and Nick Hitzfelder is throwing the switches for the lights that let the trains leave the station at 10:18
Ken Smith making repairs at the North Swale Bridge. Gaps had developed at each end. 10:25
Carolyn Balkum, Doug Blodgett, and Nick Hitzfelder hold a discussion track side. This is a discussion between a second generation live steamer (Carolyn), a first generation live steamer (Doug), and a third generation live steamer (Nick). At 10:32.
Ken Smith is working on the track at the North Swale Bridge at 10:41. This track work takes time.
We meet a freight train at Caliente with engineer Caleb Roberts and passenger Cooper Cash, at 10:45. I believe that this was the only freight train to run in this direction the whole day. The other ran with the passenger trains.
Doug Gillory and Carolyn Balkum. Carolyn remarked that she had the flash from my camera in her photo of me. 10:47.
Kevin Outlaw and his ATSF 93 took over for Mary Rains and her Katy 1014 at 11:05. Mary had made 9 rounds in 125 minutes. The following train was just letting off passengers when Kevin obtained a train full of passengers, quick change out.
Laura Brown greeting the public and selling tee shirts and drinks at 11:08
Jon and Margaret Moreland help Laura Brown with her work.
Tom Bailey in the engineer on the club's UP loco. He is pulling into the station with a load of passengers at 11:09. Note all the cars in the parking lot.
Dan Douglas is the conductor on the club's UP loco pulled passenger set. 11:09.
Station Master Barry Tobias and helper Leighton Moreland at 11:10.
Discussion group posses for photos. Doug Payne, Bob Jackson, and Art Magill at 11:10
Nick Hitzfelder and Cooper Cash supervise the work of Vance Nickerson. 11:10.
George Leventon is engineer on AU 72 and the passengers are leaving. Still lots of cars in the parking area. 11:10
Robert Shong is engineer on the club loco, notice the crowds. 11:16
John Daskalos is the conductor. He is leaning over because his shoe is untied. 11:17
Stu Marion is engineer on another club loco at 11:18.
David James had just given up his conductor's position on Stu's train to Peter Bryan and Peter had gone off to re-rail the only club passenger car to derail all day. David is worried that Peter will get distracted and not come back to his new job as conductor.
Peter Bryan remembered and is back as conductor on Stu's train at 11:20.
Kevin Outlaw leaving town with a full passenger consist at 11:23. Crowds still look fairly large in the station.
Justin Outlaw is conductor on his dad's train. Passenger waves happily. 11:23
Now 1:07 PM, the run day is over, the parking lot is getting empty, and there is time to view this signal that HALS received from the George Bush Museum at College Station Texas.
ATSF 2110 on the left was at the George Bush Museum until two weeks ago. Gil had it home repacking the gears and bearings on the trucks and performing general maintenance since it had not moved in 9 months of display and has run some six years. 1:11 PM.
Bill Howe is putting away the passenger cars at 1:11 PM. The station looks like the crowds have left, there are no cars on the grass at the back left. Shut down after the 1PM closing time happens rapidly.
Preceding photos and captions by Rick White.