November 20, 1999
The Millennium Run

Peter Bryan dispatches
The VOICE OF FORT ZUBE, Peter Bryan dispatches flawlessly.
New Loading Station The new station, under construction, is used for loading for the first time.
Jim Cash builds steps for the Station
Steps for the New Passenger Station is easily fabricated by "Drill Motor King" Jim Cash.
Passengers Gather Passengers gather under the covered Passengers Loading Station, out of rain and sun.
Loading train at New Station
Engineer Maury Gibson and Conductor Keith Bailey load a train at the new station.
All Aboard, says Walt Sumner "All Aboard," says Station Master Walt Sumner to Engineer Claude Wiseman and his full load.
Scale Model Roller Coaster
Ginny Phillips stands beside the scale model roller coaster, provided by new member Michael Taylor to entertain the children.
Crew members take a break Crew members, Art Magill, Keith Bailey, Maury Gibson, Gail Phillips, take a well deserved break.

Miscellaneous Work and Run Days

Moving the Giant Drill Press
Maybe this is how the pyramids were built. Doug Blodgett provides the horsepower to move the giant drill press, rolling it on pipes. Rear action belongs to Keith Bailey.
October 1999 new construction Construction commenced in October on the new addition to the station which will include restrooms and a covered pavillion. It will become the new passenger loading station and have ample parking facilities.
flue-cleaning time
Cleaning out the flues of this consolidation. Art McGill and Lee Balkum.
October 23, 1999 Taking on passengers. Lee Balkum at the Golden Spike Anniversary Meet October 23.
Fred Springer
Fred Springer Salado, TX with his 1-inch Alco RS3
Al Beggs, MTB Master Track Builder(418) Al Beggs on David Hannah III's SD60M, and Stu Marion
Pia Arrate
Pia Arrate Gandy Dancer Exceptionale, on David Hannah III's engine, freight is Dennis Grigassy
Stephen Balkum Alexander and Stephen Balkum on Carroll Enders' box cab.

The last spike in the 3rd Rail! October 2, 1999. Walt Sumner, Mike Hales, Jim Cash.
Getting Ready for SWLS, the Thursday Work Crew. Gary Brothers, Gil and Virginia Freitag.