Membership Information

Membership We are always looking for new members. You do not need to own equipment (trains) to be a member, you just need to be willing to work and help out at the club. We have regular meetings the first Saturday every month that starts with general maintenance of the track and equipment in the mornings starting around 8:00 am. And then we have the general membership meeting at 1:00 pm. At this meeting the Board of Directors cover business discussed in the board meeting and important information for the club. After the meeting maintenance will continue as needed.
Public Run Days On the third Saturday March through November we have Public Run Day providing free rides for the public and always need a lot of help with setup/prepping the trains/ concession sales and running the trains.
Operating Trains All members after training during work days and testing can become qualified to be a conductor on the trains and then train to be an engineer.
Operations Meets We also meet 3 to 4 times a year holding an Operations Meet. We spend a day where we spread freight cars out all around the track on various sidings and then operate the trains as a real railroad picking up and moving the cars around.
Live Steamer Meets Three times a year we hold Live Steamer Meets where we all get the trains out run them. The meets typically last from Thursday through Saturday. We also invite other Live Steam train enthusiast to come join us for these meets.
There is almost always someone at the track every Saturday morning working on their personal equipment, club equipment or track. Come visit with us on any weekend except Public Run days when we are very busy.

Click here for a copy of the membership application in PDF format.
If you are interested in joining Houston Area Live Steamers, print out and complete the application, mail along with your check, made out to Houston Area Live Steamers, to

Houston Area Live Steamers,
P. O. Box 215,
Hockley, TX 77447-0215.