January 2002
Work Day

The beautiful winter weather of Houston in January. Bright sunny skies, just a nip in the air so you don't work up a "you-know-what," and a whole hoard of eager HALS workers. Project for the day/month is to rebuild the tracks running through the station to create a designer's dream.

Doug Blodgett moves the dirt on the new approach to the station.
Doug Payne compacts the dirt with his roller.
Jim Cash and Bobby Bridges lay in a switch.
Jim Cash attaching rail to the ties.
Overall shot of the action.
Gary Brothers hoists a track panel in the air.
Dennis Grigassy using his customized auger to set mile-markers.
New members, George and Nathan Leventon laying plastic barrier.
Doug Payne waters down the compacted roadbed.
David Hannah III and new member, Kenneth Smith installing the "hockey puck" switch.
Tommy Crenshaw, Bobby Bridges and Gary Brothers moving in a new switch.
Newly created bridge abutment.