February 2002
Work Day

February 2nd was very cold but the gang showed up for the breakfast of donuts and coffee. We got organized and went to work. Project for the day/month is to finish the new bridge entering Cypress Creek Station from Caliente.

Over 20 showed up for the Early-Bird Breakfast.
Building up and fortifying the new approach to the station.
A shot from the station toward Caliente to the East.
Barry Tobias lifts a timber for the platform.
Jim Cash tamping concrete.
Eric Selber and Jim Cash shoveling in the concrete.
Gary McCoy and Dan Douglas ballasting the new ties. Can you say "Gandy Dancer"?
Bill Howe and Ken Smith doing bridge work.
L-R Gary Brothers, David Hannah III, Bill Howe, and Ken Smith laying rail.
Safety rails, railings and a few other items left to go, but navigable.
David Hannah III's BNSF is first over the bridge.