March 16, 2002
Run Day

Our first run day was fantastic. We had many, many riders and with 4 passenger trains running at all times, the lines were non-existant. Thanks to all the passengers who made this a fun day for all. Come back next month.
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Gary Brothers, engineer and Peter Bryan, conductor, depart the station with a full load.
Doug Payne, and Cody Crawford are crew on this loading train.
Stu Marion, engineer and Dan Douglas, conductor come into the station from the East.
Bobby Bridges looks at Brent Courtney's (in the yellow shirt) new mogul that is running on air.
It's what they all came for, the smell of smoke and the singing of the rails.
Vance Nickerson is engineer on David Hannah III's Mikado with a train ready to pull out.
Shot toward Cypress Creek Station. Groups of folks gather on the grass.
Gary Brothers and Peter Bryan with a smiling bunch of passengers at Sumrall.
Another great trainload of waving folks.
Doug Payne, engineer, and John Whitney, conductor
Ron Pasley, engineer, and George Leventon, conductor.
A tail-gating birthday party
Peter Bryan operating one of the "freight trains," the smile tells the tale.
Talk about smiles? Rick White comes into the station bridge.
Tom Herbert, engineer and Sonja Mandt, conductor.