March 30, 2002
Fun Run and Operations Day

The HALS Fun Run and Operations Day turned out to be a lot of fun. We had trainining sessions and Way Bills Operations going on simultaneously.
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All interested members received instruction on the care and running of the Club diesel.
To check the oil on the engine, Brent Courtney points out the safe level on the dip stick.
Jim Cash prepares to give new member, Dave James, his first road test.
Kudos to Rick White (above) and Peter Bryan for much of the preparatory work in setting up the operations scheduling.
Mauri Cash and Robert Shong pass through Zube Junction on their way to their next destination to either pick up or drop off freight.
Ken Smith backs up his load of freight cars and latches on to more for a scheduled operations move.
Mary Rains has planted the flowerbed around the flag pole and each week we watch the flowers put on more and more blooms.
A member, who shall remain anonymous for obvious reasons, prepares to give instructions on dispatching procedures.
As the action winds down, Robert Shong and Jim Cash take 5 for a much-needed rest.